What We Do

Caring For Street Children

We are always available to help street children and children in children’s home anytime with food clothing and also medicine when anyone is not feeling well.

Educational Opportunity Support

Watoto wa kesho foundation is a non profit organization that is always to help in paying school fees for children who are from poor families and also from streets

Feeding Program Outreach

We have feeding program where we provide food to to street children and children in children’s home frequently we move from one children’s home to another and from one street to another to provide food.

Clothing For All

we have a program for providing clothing especially to those children in streets and also to those disabled people in the society and also to street children.

Street Children Healthcare

We have a program where we provide medicine to street children who are not feeling well and also taking them to hospital.

Child Drug Rehabilitation

We provide counseling to children who are addicted to drugs to stop using drugs and reform. and we take them back to school

We need your help

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