About Us

We function as a charitable organization operating on a non-profit basis, dedicated to acting as peacemakers and helpers. Our mission extends beyond addressing drought, encompassing the holistic well-being of children worldwide. We focus on education, clothing, nourishment, and overall welfare.

Our recent recognition highlights our efforts in aiding children across Kenya. Our ongoing initiatives include:Providing education to children from economically disadvantaged families.

Supplying clothing to street children and residents of children’s homes.Distributing food to street children and those in children’s homes.


Our vision is to break the cycle of poverty and social isolation, nurturing hope for a brighter future among children in our society and worldwide. We strongly believe that each child deserves access to resources and opportunities that allow them to live with dignity, develop fully, and actively contribute to society.


Watoto Wa Kesho Foundation strives to enhance the quality of life and dignity of individuals, particularly young boys, families, and communities. Our approach involves dismantling barriers and creating opportunities, thereby empowering children in need to realize their full potential. 

Our Contributions

Clothing Initiative

We’ve introduced a clothing program aimed at benefiting street children and disabled individuals within the community.

Educational Promotion

As a non-profit organization, Watoto wa Kesho Foundation is committed to covering school fees for underprivileged children, including those living on the streets.

Steadfast Presence

We maintain a consistent presence, offering support to street children and those in children’s homes, providing sustenance, clothing, and medical aid as needed.

Success Stories

The Watoto wa Kesho Foundation’s unwavering commitment to providing education to children from economically disadvantaged families has been a guiding light for innumerable young minds. By extending educational opportunities, they have not only afforded these children a chance at a better future but have also vividly illustrated the profound impact of education in breaking the chains of poverty. As the foundation continues its tireless efforts, it remains an inspirational exemplar of how education can wield immense transformative power in the lives of vulnerable children and their communities.

What We Do

Caring For Street Children

We are always available to help street children and children in children’s home anytime with food clothing and also medicine when anyone is not feeling well.

Educational Opportunity Support

Watoto wa kesho foundation is a non profit organization that is always to help in paying school fees for children who are from poor families and also from streets

Feeding Program Outreach

We have feeding program where we provide food to to street children and children in children’s home frequently we move from one children’s home to another and from one street to another to provide food.

We need your help

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